Monday, November 21, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

So in college, I lived with multiple girls in a wonderful houses in Manhattan. The Christmas time would come around and the tree would be decorated, but I never really felt like it could be mine.

When I moved to Chicago, I never had a tree. I was home for too long of a time to have a tree the first year I was there, and then the last two years my roommate was very particular about her tree, so I had to submit to her decorating style (or lack there of in my opinion).

However, I'm realizing slowly that I get to have my own tree this year. That I get to have control of decorating it, buying it, and celebrating the season with it. I cannot wait. And this morning, they put holiday music on in my office (a few days early in my opinion). This song came on and I couldn't help but think of Kelly and her love for this song and for the first time in years, I think I'm actually excited about the holidays.

Now if I could only find someone to kiss under the mistletoe, that might make the holidays the best yet...

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Tiffany said...

That song makes me think of the movie, "Love Actually." Which is, actually, a good movie.

Also, I'm experiencing a little tree envy. No tree for me this year...the hubby thinks itis too much of a fire hazard for a rental (since you pay for all damage done to any/all of their property). Sucky deal!!