Wednesday, November 09, 2005

seriously, out of control

So, sometimes when I sleep, I talk in my sleep. I recently asked Jenny for a hug during the middle of the night at the Radius Retreat. There's a really funny story about freshman year me rolling over in my bunk and telling my roommate that I was going to kick her ass.

Sometimes, though, I have the tendency to turn off my alarm in the middle of the night. That happened this morning. I know I set my alarm last night and when the cheeve upstairs dropped something on the floor, I rolled over to look at my clock and realized it was 8:15 am! I was suppose to be to work for 8:00 am!! I think I got ready (shower, shaved my legs, and all) in 20 minutes. I've never moved so fast.

Now I'm looking over my google homepage (I still have 100 invites if anyone wants to be a part of the best email service ever), and I swear I thought this said Golden Beet and Pregnant Salad.

Thank God that it's a 4 day week (we also thank god for model trains as well).

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