Friday, August 10, 2007

why what goes around comes around

Okay, many conservative Christians will find it hard to believe that I completely believe in karma. I believe that you get what you sow. You put out good vibes into the world, you get good vibes back. You put out shitty vibes, you get shit back.

I think it happens all the time...with parking spaces, people you meet, the grocery store.

Today is a perfect example. As I walking to a site check, I found some guy's wallet...or at least part of it. I wanted to make sure he got it back, not only for the 2 Old Navy gift cards, but also so that he didn't have to cancel his credit cards and worry about what someone might do with it. I called the University in which he attended and got his number (I was surprised how easily they gave it out). I called him to let him know that I had it and he should stop by and pick it up (especially since I'm going camping this weekend).

He came by my office today to pick up the wallet and left me a Starbucks gift card as a thank you...along with this note "Thanks a ton! Have a great weekend and I hope the karma pays you back".

All I can say is that I was doing something I would hope someone would do for me. It wasn't out of character to return it to him (though I was tempted to keep the Old Navy gift cards).

Here's the thing though. Ever since I've been back from Africa, I feel more relaxed, more centered, less spiny. Things I've waited to fall into place are being to and I feel like life is taking a much needed turn. The healing process is over from the last 2 years and I'm ready to take steps forward and in new directions.

Maybe my karma is changing, but all I know is I'm enjoying the ride and looking forward to what could be next.

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