Monday, August 20, 2007

oh yes, that is a pick up in my driveway

This morning, I was lucky, I got to sleep in a little. Why? Because I had jury duty this morning. So I started driving toward the courthouse, eating an apple and giving myself plenty of time to find everything I needed.

Unfortunately, I didn't get past Cherry Creek this morning.

On the way to jury duty, I rear-ended the car in front of me. I did plenty of good damage to the front of my car (the hood is bent, something is supposedly wrong with the radiator, my front license plate was a good 5 feet in front of my car). The car I hit, there was damage to their bumpers, and the car they hit, well, they didn't have any damage.

Thankfully, the cop I dealt with was incredible. She was nice and funny and really understood that shit like this happens. She did have to give me a ticket though. I finally got to the car repair place at 10 this morning and then I finally just got home from my car rental experience.

Right now, Enterprise has no economy cars. For the time being, I'm driving a red Dodge Ram pick up 4x4. I'm not a truck kind of girl (a SUV girl, yes, truck, not really). And it's sitting currently in my driveway. So until Enterprise gets me an economy car, I'll be driving my pick up in style.

Still, I can't decide what was worse, jury duty or the accident. I honestly thing it's half of one and 6 of the other.

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