Monday, January 15, 2007

a weekend of rest and relaxation


I think I've needed this. After the long and hard week I had (working a full week after 3 weeks of not, is tough), I needed a weekend of relaxation and rest.

Friday, I spent it with friends, over dinner, over drinks, laughing and just being...having that space is vital.

Saturday, my friend Sara and I went to get spray tans (easy and super fun), had lunch and then I took a nap. Saturday night, BA and I went to see the Mammoth play. I forget so easily how much fun those games are....

Sunday was spent with my community, asking hard questions, sitting in the midst of the questions and then watching the beautiful Hayden.

and now, I'm listening to NPR, drinking coffee, using a free wifi, and getting ready for a massage. I'm going to look for a couch and then I'll probably take a nap.

To have a weekend where my biggest concern wasn't where I had to be or what I needed to do perhaps was the greatest gift I've given myself in a while...

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