Saturday, December 09, 2006

it just became very real

On Friday, I spoke with my real estate agent (back story, last year I started looking for a place but it felt so overwhelming, so crushing and I couldn't do it). He and I hadn't spoken in a while and he's real concern was to see if I was okay. Not if I had made progress on my search, or if I wanted out, but he was curious to see if I was alive.

I know!

But then the most random thing happened. After I sent him an email of a condo that I really like, he sponsored me for my trip to Africa. Of all the people that could have donated, who have known about my trip, who understand my passion and what I am about, the last person I expected to give was him.

I am still in shock...

And as I told my friend Sheralee today over google chat, all of the sudden, my trip became very real. And now, I am more than excited than ever to go.

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