Friday, December 22, 2006

F-ing crazy...

So, yesterday was the best day ever...Why?

When I got up at 7:00 am (not part of the best day ever), I made breakfast.  I put in Scrubs (I had 3 seasons to get through).  I laid in bed, relaxing and simply enjoying the fact that I didn't have to work on a Thursday.

But by 11:00 am, I thought I was going to go crazy.  I had been couped up for 2 days and needed to get out.  So, I started making phone calls.  Penn Street Perk, closed.  Panera, closed.  Uptown Tavern...OPEN!  I loaded up my computer, put on my snow gear and walked the 3 blocks to a packed bar, to use the Internet and be with people.  Eventually Sheralee met me there and enjoyed some adult beverages with me.  I chatted on gmail, looked at myspace, and just enjoyed the people around me.

Eventually Sheralee and I left, and went back to my apartment to grab my camera.  She and I walked around the capital and cathedral, taking pictures of the beauty of the city.  It was so peaceful and absolutely beautiful.  We got to the capital and some girls let us take a couple of slides down on their sled.  People were so kind and giving in the midst of all of this.  The joyful spirit was overcoming so many people.  Jim met up with us and then we walked downtown.  The 16th Street Mall was beautiful and then we went to Lime for dinner (Jim ate...Sheralee and I just enjoyed his company).

After dinner, we were walking back to my apartment so I could check into Southwest for my flight today (more on that in a second).  But it was so far to walk, and it had gotten colder.  So, we started hitch-hiking.  And thankfully some New Yorker picked us up and took us to my apartment!  THANK YOU!!

Once I grabbed my info, we walked to Jim's and eventually came to the intersection of 12th and Pennsylvania, where 2 RTD buses had t-boned.  However, in the middle of the t-bone was a keg...




So, Jim, Sheralee and I took our free beer and walked down to his apartment.  I love it that people are so friendly in the midst of all of this.

I got my boarding pass, I'm sitting at the butt is a little numb from sitting since 7:00 am.  But I'm here, and supposedly I'm leaving tonight.  I'm anxious to get to KC, and hopefully I'm on a plane in 3 hours.  I'm prepared though...1st season of Grey's, a couple of movies, and trashy magazines...all in all, not too bad.  

But if I don't get out tonight, then we might have problems.

Pictures from the walk yesterday will be up later :)

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