Monday, June 06, 2005

untitled one...

I've walked through these halls multiple times
Past these doors on an almost daily basis for the last 36 months
Except this time, it's different

This is the last time I walk into 106 for a leaders meeting
It's the last time I'll walk into the lakeside as a member of axis

I started here 36 months ago
slightly scared
overly confident
simply looking for a place to call my own.

And I found it.

But like any family
We've had our ups and downs
I've loved it, I've wanted to tear it down, and yet
I've found the middle ground

Tonight, this place seems slightly distant and less like the home I've known
Perhaps this is a sign that I'm ready to leave
(of course, the apartment and the job mean I'm ready to leave too).

All I know is that I'm grateful to have found you and
no matter what people will say
I appreciate this place for all it has given to me.
The friends who I never imagined I would know...
The ability to fail successfully...
the chance to grow...

good bye you beast of a building...
I think there is a little bit of me that will miss you

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Bri said...

Hey Megs, I'm so proud of you! Sorry you were having such a bad weekend when I was there. I would've loved to have seen you... When you are here this summer we'll go back and hit on that bartender some more... K??