Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I feel like it's my first day of school

I went to work today. Let me define what my "work" was and what my "work" is now.

It was:
  • hanging out with students
  • developing curriculum
  • having one-on-ones with leaders
  • playing gorilla/man/gun
  • helping students realize that the love of trinity was in their life now and that love was what mattered most
  • wearing jeans and t-shirts to work
  • driving 30 minutes to work

It is:

  • dressing in appropriate gear (i.e.: nice dress pants, dress shirt, heels)
  • answering the telephone
  • making real estate appointments
  • getting yelled out by random realtors
  • walking to the free ride, taking the free ride down the 16th street mall

Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to dress up. I've realize recently that I want to dress like Carrie Bradshaw but I'm also comfortable in jeans and t-shirts (perhaps too comfortable because I've been wearing it since freshman year). So, I woke up at 6:45 this morning after not sleeping the night before. I took a shower, got ready, put on pantyhose (for you guys, putting on pantyhose is like hell for many women). I walked down to the mall, caught the bus (for free) and arrived earlier than I thought. I was at my work by 8 am and I didn't need to be there until 9. I stopped by and saw VBT in her element. I had coffee, and then went to work. Where I answered the phone

I'm making money, don't get me wrong, but still, come on! I went to lunch and then went back to work. I walked home, and got home at 6:30 pm. Made dinner and came to the Perk for use of the internet.

I love the perk, it is my central perk like friends. Except I don't have 5 friends who meet me here on a regular basis. I've met the girl who works behind the counter (hi Monica) and I like being here. It feels like my 3rd home ( for all of you who knows Starbucks or who have worked at Starbucks you know what I mean).

So, answering the phone for the next week is the plan until the 29th. I think dancing and karoke is in the plans for the weekend. We'll see if it is as eventful as it was last weekend.


Bri said...

it was great to talk with you briefly last night! i'll call you later this week or this weekend. i'm so proud of you for finishing up in chicago, making the move to denver, and for not just surviving, but thriving everywhere you go. you are great. i love you! answering the phones will be okay -- you can make up stories about the people on the other end, flirt with strangers, etc. its going to be a good time, i just know it!

Tannerman said...

Don't dress like Carrie Bradshaw :)

Kristenanne said...

miss you today. do dress like carrie bradshaw but with a megan twist. Some of her outfits are way insane. I hate the bibs she always wears. Bibs are a no go...even for miss bradshaw. I'm finally to season 6!!!