Friday, June 17, 2005

not a guilt trip

please read this as an honest post, not a guilt trip.

I need to hear a familiar voice. I want Leah or Craig or Cookie or Toni or Mike to call. I want to laugh and cry and simply be known in a new town. I want the people at the Penn Street Perk to know me and my drink. I want my small group to walk through the door (as Cari pointed out, yes they out number me 3 to 1 and it was a fabulous small group) and I want us to laugh and fall asleep in each others arms as Andy suggested.

Radius is on a whitewater rafting getaway this weekend and while I'm excited to be alone, I wish someone would call me just to say hi. Because to be honest, I miss everyone in Chicago.

I know I could/should (damn shame) call them, but part of my being known and love is that I need to be validated (plus, who is really home on a Friday night).

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