Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm here!!

Well, I'm sitting in the Penn Street Perk, pimping their internet because I don't have internet in my house. I also don't have cable. Yet...I need to first get a job and make some money, so hopefully I can get cable and internet in time for my summer addictions (like this show, or this show). But, I'm settling in well. Radius was amazing, helping me move in, cleaning my bathroom, setting up my bedroom, and making me feel welcomed. It was great (and fast). Jared came over later that night and we sat out on my porch, drinking a beer and hanging with my wonderful neighbors. It's true, I do have wonderful, fabulous neighbors!

I ran around all day yesterday, getting my drivers license, my emissions test, my VIN verification, my license plates. I was exhausted. Then a trip to Target was necessary, but because I live in the city, Targets (and Wal-Marts) are no where to be found without a 20 minute trip. My apartment is coming together slowly. I just need to get my futon back from VBT. Then I could actually watch movies on my couch and not my Ravina chair.

I have a meeting this afternoon with a temp agency, so hopefully I can start a job by Monday (though I would like to start in a know to give myself some space). I need to process the last three weeks and how overwhelming they were. I want to walk around and figure out where I live. I need to find my supermarket. I just hasn't hit me yet that this is my new place...but I am loving it so far.

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