Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Best Labor Day EVER!

On Friday night, we met at Dave and Sara's to take off for probably the last camping trip of the season. The rain was coming down and we hoped it wouldn't rain all weekend. We enjoyed some Taco John's on the way up and then got to our site. Where you ask? Well, we went to Lake Mcconaughy in Nebraska. Did you know that 3 hours away from Denver you can find a kickass beach and a beautiful lake?

Oh my gosh...IT WAS AMAZING!!

Saturday we got up, had a wonderful breakfast and changed into our suits. We headed toward the beach, put up the sand volleyball net and went to town. It was amazing. The sun was out, I took a nap with the beautiful Hayden on my chest. We had lunch on the beach...it was perfect.

Sara, Maria, and I drove into town to get more beer, more ice and soda...it felt good to go into town.

Sunday was equally as fun. Instead of rushing out like we normally do on camping trips, we enjoyed our time. We played in the lake, we played more beach volleyball, we just enjoyed the last day of summer. I finally have the tan I've been wanting all summer long.

Monday involved buying my ski pass (since I bought skis on Friday) and playing some frisbee golf. I was in bed by 8:40 last night because I was exhausted.

This week should be fairly low key. Nothing major, except my run on Sunday. Please sponsor me...you can click here to donate. I'm almost to my goal! The run starts at 10:00 am on Sunday...send me good vibes.

Also, my computer should be here today...I can't wait!

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