Sunday, October 23, 2005



1. I secretly miss Kansas City from time to time.
2. I had an imaginary friend named Goodie when I was younger who eventually got "hit" by a fire truck.
3. I can't keep a manicure to save my life.
4. I would rather drink tomato juice than orange
5. Scary movies frighten me to death and I refuse to see them (I was traumatized as a small child with them).
6. I eventually want to move back to the south, renovate an old plantation and open up a bed and breakfast.
7. The only Christian music I have on my iPod is worship cds...other Christian music tweaks my liberal theology
8. and yes, I have liberal theology
9. I love MTV and strongly believe they put subliminal messages in their shows to get you hooked
10. My eyes change colors based upon what I am wearing...
11. I've broken the same wrist twice because of roller skates and sprained my ankle due to basketball
12. I secretly love music that reminds me of old school country like Johnny Cash
13. I've had glasses since the 3rd grade when I begged my parents for them and now I wish I had perfect eye sight.
14. I have the tendency to cry at everything, including sappy disney movies (just ask viv and nicky about it)
15. When I'm sad and lonely, I'd rather be with anyone who knows me deeply than with people I just met
16. I wish I could wear flip flops every day of the year
17. I have a speech str always have an h stuck in there which caused my junior high ministry staff to mock me
18. I always get into shows during their third or fourth season (case and point West Wing)
19. I love to put pickles on my grill cheese
20. I struggle deeply that I will end up alone and being eaten by dogs...just like Bridget Jones

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Kristenanne said...

thank you for making me giggle. I miss you!