Monday, October 24, 2005

did anyone see Gray's last night?

So slowly, Gray's Anatomy is becoming my new favorite show. And while I agree with Dooce that it is Felicity with doctors, but still, it's a-mazing story line and acting is so good.

But did you happen to see last night's episode? The funny thing, it was the three female doctors complaining about men. And for a second there, I felt like this was my life. Let me tell you why...I had a great date on Friday night (while it started off slow, it ended up going really well). Good conversation, great drinks, it by far was a good night. But then, he hasn't called. And I know the rules, I've read the book, but still it is so frustrating. I wish he would call and ask to get together again. I wish I could show him a little bit more of my life and the crazy people I interact with on a daily basis. I wish I could see more of his. But he hasn't called and perhaps the funniest scene in last night's episode is when the two doctors are stuck in the elevator and George says to Alex "She shaved her legs for you and you didn't move on it, and then I hear about it, so yes it is my problem".

I just don't think guys quite understand what a big deal it is for us to get ready and then for us to wait on a single call (or lack thereof) for us to know what's going on...

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Bri said...


that show is brilliant. i have been watching since the pilot and am faithfully addicted. and yes, last night's episode was perfect. i feel like i am the girl-version of george much of the time. he has my life except i was always hearing about the boys' expectations of the girls... haha.
i am glad to hear your date went well, and yes, it's too early to worry just yet. i want to hear more about it. lets schedule some phone time. love you!