Friday, September 03, 2004

Queen City of the Plains

So, here I am in beautiful Queen City of the Plains. Perhaps you don't know where that is, but it's Denver. I love it so much here. I can't believe the beauty of the city, the quaintness of the city, the pure fact that it was 90 degrees yesterday, and I didn't sweat. I love it. I'm visiting friends who are planting a church. Everyone lives about a block and half away from each other and it reminds of the things I loved so much about college. People being close, walking distance to everything that matters, the shear beauty. Colorado is some place I wouldn't mind moving to after I'm done in 280 days. I do know I would help with the church, but I just don't know quite yet...

We drove 15 hours from Chicago to Denver. Have you driven through Nebraska before? What a terrible state (and I'm not just saying that because I don't like the University of Nebraska)! There is nothing redeeming about the state. Well, I take that back. We stopped in Lincoln for lunch and we ate Sonic. I love that place so much. It really does speak love to my soul. We got into Denver and I crashed because I was so tired from the night before and driving for 15 hours. Yesterday we got to meet the Radius Church family and while I was helping make dinner (I was using a mallet to thin out the chicken breasts), I whacked my index finger. It hurt so freaking much...but I don't think I am going to lose the nail. We are planning on going hiking tomorrow and who knows what Sunday will hold for us, but I definitely needed this vacation. I've realized more and more that my rhythm of life must include times when I can just get away and relax and disconnect. I'm hoping my next vacation will be in the spring and I would love to take one after I graduate.

Here's something fun: I'm planning on taking dance classes when I get back. I can't wait. I danced for 9 years, it was and still is a part of my soul. I'm scared out of my mind that I will fall on my face and make a fool of myself, but this is something I have shut off inside of me and I need to reclaim it. I need to get the ballerina out of the closet and back on the dance floor. I'll keep you posted on how this goes and if you are curious to how I decided to start this again, the story is much more personal than something I would share here, so you'll just have to email me.

Pictures will be coming soon...wait till Tuesday when I can upload them and publish them. Until then, I'm enjoying the cloudy day in Denver, listening to David Gray, and loving on an adorable chocolate lab...

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