Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Oh my gosh...I think I have an ulcer

Okay, I've never understood the whole eBay phenomenon. I didn't get it. Why would you want to buy someone's old used item, when you could buy a new one? I could maybe see the site for antiques, but otherwise, I thought it was a waste of valuable internet space.

That was until I decided to try it...

Right now, I am bidding on something. I'm so freaking nervous, that I don't know what do with myself and I can't tear myself away from the computer. I keep rechecking to see if I have won. I've done laundry, I've taken a shower, I've balanced my checkbook, I've ordered my textbooks for the next quarter (and those weren't all that exciting either). I could clean my room, but in the time it would take to get started, the sale would be done. I think I am going to win. But I am beside myself waiting for that moment.

My sister is an eBay fanatic. She buys stuff, she sells stuff, she probably is one of the sellers that has those fun objects next to her cute screen name. As for me, I have a big fat zero next to mine because I'm a newbie.

And if I'm honest, I'm only blogging right now because I need something to calm me down. I have three minutes left. I'm afraid that if I do win, I'll want to buy more. And the only other thing I really want is an old school Nintendo. Now that would be fun. But I can't focus on anything right now.

AHHH!! One minute, 19 seconds....56 seconds....I can feel my ulcer forming and shaping inside my stomach (as if I don't have enough digestional problems as is)

I WON!! I WON! I never win! Well, that's not true. Once in middle school, in Kansas City, there was a time when Kiss 107.3 had a chance for you to kiss a car and if you kissed it the longest, you won. I wasn't old enough, but I got 5 cds. And I won the Bands Reunited contest here in Chicago and got $100 gift certificate to VH1.com.

So, now I wait for my item to arrive. I can't wait...but I don't think I'll do eBay any time soon. I need to recover from my first experience.

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Tiffany said...

So what did you win?! All that excitement and no sharing of what it is? Simple reminder...now you have to wait for it to arrive. :)