Sunday, September 05, 2004

One thing I love...

So, today is September 4th. Do you realize what today is? For me, today is the beginning of the fall. Today is the first day that I know I can begin to wear a long sleeve shirt, jeans, and flip flops and know that I will be comfortable. Today begins my favorite season of all time. But that isn't the reason that I love this day. Today began college football season!!

In 1998, I began to fall in love with college football. I went to my first football game at the KSU Stadium to see the Kansas State Wildcats defeat a small school and I was hooked. I went to almost every single home game during my college career. I saw the Wildcats defeat Nebraska at home twice. I helped tear down the "indestructible" goal post and watch them be carried into Aggieville. I've laughed, cried, hugged random people, and watch these Wildcats of mine go on to write history. I love them and they are forever part of my life. Some people claim that I am a fanatic, but I love this team. I love Bill Snyder and the team he has created. I love Manhattan in the middle of the fall while game day is going on. I've never felt a city such defeat and joy in the same week and know that 20,000 students as well as alumni and fans around the country are cheering on the Wildcats. Our schedule this year looks good. I'm worried about what will happen and whether or not we can defend our Big XII title without a definite quarterback. I'm curious to know if Darren Sproles win the Heisman trophy. I wonder which bowl we will play in December or January.

Have you caught the spirit of college football? If not, let me know...I can help!

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