Friday, August 27, 2004

School's out for....I wish summer.

Finally...At 10:50 pm on Friday August 27th, I finished school. What does this mean? No, I haven't graduated yet. I only have three quarters left, one quarter I must go up there, and then I graduate. How weird is that? I was talking with a friend today about me graduating on June 11th, 2005 and I realized that almost three years to the day, I will have completed my first master's degree. Yes, eventually I will go back for a second, if not a ph.d (which according to Ross off of "Friends" is just as valuable as an M.D.) It's so nice to be done. I wrote an 8 page paper tonight, and I'll turn it in tomorrow, but then officially I am done. I'm going to Arlington Park on Sunday (my friend DW is teaching me about race horses and tracks...I can't wait) and then on Wednesday I leave for God's country...COLORADO!! I can't believe it. Vacation is all I ever wanted...a road trip, Denver, three people I love dearly. Who could ask for more? I haven't been to Colorado since 1999, which is a long freakin' time for me. I love that state. I truly believe that one day I will live there, and if I could live there and work for Young Life, that would make me the happy. You know what else would make me happy? A paycheck. No news on the front about a soon as I know, you'll know.

My best friend is running a marathon. I can't even run the block and her desire is to run a marathon, in California, in May. Maybe by that point I could run a 10k or half marathon with her...I just need the motivation to do it. There are lots of areas in my life I need motivation, running is just one of them.

Let's see what else has been happening here? The Olympics are almost over, which means the swimmer (Aaron Peirsol) I have loved watching will no longer be on my TV, but it does mean that it's almost time for the fall season to kickoff. Oh please, Joey, please be decent. Keep the "Friends" franchise going. Oh yeah...I have red hair and I've started the trend to have a blog. I can't believe it. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait for pictures from Denver.

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