Monday, August 02, 2004

What happens up at Bethel, stays at Bethel...

So, I finally made it back from school. No, it didn't take a week to get back, but little did I know that the Willow gods would prevent me from posting on my own blog, so it took a little longer to post than I would like. Now, I am sitting in a Kinko's, using their free internet in order to catch you up on Bethel.

Let's see, what did happen...Theology 3 was good, nothing earth shattering (unlike Theology 1), but still a decent class. I enjoy the adjuct profs. They tend to stray from what the Bethel gods feel like they need to teach on, which is always a nice change of pace. Thanks to internet in class, I was able to catch up with my college roommate, a woman I love dearly and miss, yet even when I am home, I feel like I never get a chance to catch up with. She's wonderful (she's actually the one who encouraged me to cook...thanks Brooklyn). So, she turned me and my dear friend Sara onto the best blog I have ever read. I can only hope that one day, mine could be like her's. Check it out here: Trust me, you'll laugh, you'll cry, and if you are anything like Sara and I, you'll want to invite her to a Good Friday here in Chicago. You'll have to ask me about Good Fridays.

Team Leadership, well, it wasn't anything special. I wish I could say something nice, something that I gleaned from the class, yet it's difficult to say. The man is nice, two of the field trips gave me hope for the church and my future applying to them, the other made me want to switch careers quickly. I caught up on my web surfing and had the opportunity to watch U2, which gives me hope that one day I will see them in concert...soon...

Otherwise, when I first arrived there, I was in a sad, lonely, needy spot. This time was different, not because I was new or because my profs were new, but because I was without people I love dearly and who know me deeply. These are people that don't ask me why I am the way I am, but they just let me be. They left, well not left, but graduated and now it is different without them. It was just difficult. I stayed around safe people and didn't really do as much as I thought I would this time. I just didn't have the energy to anything. Grieving is difficult and it just shows me what is to come.

And yes, I did drink Boulevard beer while I was there, and that my friends (along with talks at Old Chicago) was my saving grace.

Oh and by the way, I'm trying to work on my resume...I would love to find a job by the time I graduate in 313 days (not that I am counting down or anything).

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