Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My best friend ROCKS!

There are people who know you well, who can look deep into your eyes, into your soul and know what is really going on with you.

Many people will attempt this, however, only the few will know you to your core. I'm grateful that I have many people like this, but they have been recent additions. No, my best friend has known me for over 5 years and I'm eternally grateful for her friendship.

Our stories intersected at KSU, through Young Life, but it wasn't until a retreat for Young Life leaders that we really began to connect. We have seen each other at our best, our worst, and those moments in between.

But here is how well my best friend loved me yesterday. She understood that the boy situation was hard. She understood that even though our relationship was short, intimacy can't be measured by time. So in order to love me well from 8 hours away, she sent me a package. Now I rarely get packages from people (except for my mom, who sends me coupons and old magazines each week). So when I saw this package on my front steps, I got really excited. I opened it up to find some very fun new pjs filled with garden gnomes and some hilarious magnets of lawn ornaments. She loved me so well in that moment and I love her for it. I can't wait to see her when I get into KC in a few weeks.

So, my advice this cold Denver morning...thank God for your friends who know you so well that they can send you exactly what you need in the moment you need it...that is what community is all about.

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