Saturday, September 17, 2005

MIA No longer

Who would have guessed that working a full time job, Radius, and life in general would one day get in the way of me posting every single day? Not that I'm blaming least I'm not as MIA as this person (who, I'm getting ready to send out smoke signals because I'm so worried).

Anyways, let me do a quick overview on my last couple of week:
1. I'm on football overload. I know that must mean something but after last Saturday of watching K-State vs. Marshall, Norte Dame vs. Michigan, Iowa vs Iowa State, and Texas vs Ohio State in one sitting....I'm overwhelmed. Lots of good laughs and even better food, but no more...not at least until next week.

2. I'm in the process of making my job permanent. It keeps me on my toes, doesn't drain me and I sought lots of wise counsel on making it happen...2 weeks vacation and benefits...FINALLY.

3. My beautiful best friend had a beautiful baby girl, a much welcomed addition to her beautiful family....I love them all and can't wait to see them!

4. Making a town home requires me finding a radio station...I've found an awesome one that comes from Boulder. Thank you KBCO for hleping me transition into making Denver home.

Otherwise, we are getting for the retreat in October, I'm looking into becoming a doula(something I've wanted to do since college) and since I had that one really decent first date right before my grandmother passed, I want to go on another...

I know it's short, but hopefully more tomorrow, I've got to get to the bank before BA drops off my "new" chair.

Since Nicky enjoyed being in the blog last time I mentioned him, I'd like to contest to his comment that because someone didn't like Wedding Crashers that they don't have a soul. I still hold this can argue with me all you want, but it's true.


Bri said...

i have been so worried. everyone has been missing and its made me so sad. we need to talk, girly. things are really really good... curious? lets chat soon.

Ms. Warren said...

Welcome back, I have to admit, I've been a lil' MIA too with the new blog and all, but dang it feels good to see you're back on track...we can't have things disappearing like KJs anymore - takes the fun out of this post college world!

Vicki said...

I miss you! Lots is going on! We must chat soon! I'll call you! Hope things are well, friend!!

Kristenanne said...

You are so rad!!! I have thought about being a doula as well before. I think it's so amazing. Watch your mailbox!