Thursday, September 22, 2005


Yesterday was a pretty good day. Work is slowly coming together, the weather was decent (I'm beginning to believe that Denver is as close to perfect weather wise as a place can get) and then there was the evening.

Jim, Maria and I knew we wanted to see Wicked, but 1) it was sold out and B) Maria couldn't join us. So Jim stood in line for the Wicked lottery. They only hand out 24 tickets each night. These aren't the best seats in the house, but it's the opportunity to see the show. I arrived downtown, and found parking in a lot right away, but the stupid thing wouldn't print my receipt and I was worried about being towed. I called a number, the random Australian I met called a number and I was assured that I wouldn't be towed.

Right as I walked up, Jim was adding his name to the lottery, so I was able to put mine in as well. We stood around for about 20 minutes and then the lottery started. They call your name, they verify your id and then you pay. They did this 10 times (and one group of people won twice...bastards). Then they called Jim's name! I KNOW! So, I went to Chili's, he went home and changed and we were able to see my favorite musical (sort of...we were in the very first row of the theater, on the corner, so they weren't the best seats in the house, but I had seen it before and it was so good for my soul...I needed this night). I know Craig (the wonderful Mr. Joseph) doesn't like it, but I'm willing to stake my ground in how much I love that show.

In other news, there was a "dance-off" in Wichita in which two people were arrested and someone needed stitches. I haven't laughed that hard at the news in a while.

If you are bored on Monday nights, perhaps you should watch the best show on TV (Scrubs is off the air right now, so yes, this is the best show out there).

Okay, I should get back to work...


tara said...

Meghan - This is Tara Shepherd (Fisher) I don't think I've seen you since you caught the bokay at my wedding - how's that going for you?
I'd love to hear what you're up to, I don't have enough time or energy to read up on your blog and figure that all out so I'd love for you to let me know!
Check out our blog and see pics of my sweet little one!

tara said...
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