Monday, December 13, 2004

Thus, a season of getting robbed begins...

Last week, the Grammy nominations came out (for your FYI: I call my grandmother Grammy, and last year my favorite radio station here did a contest of take your Grammy to the Grammys, I totally wanted to win, but luck). Decent nominations, but these nominations don't get me as excited as the nominations for the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

This morning, the Golden Globes were announced and I feel like certain movies were ignored and now, people who totally deserve the awards will be robbed.

For example, Garden State. Not even remotely nominated! ROBBED!!

Scrubs wasn't even nominated for a golden globe. ROBBED!! Zach Braff was, which I'm totally happy about, but the entire show should be nominated as well.

Anyways, the nice thing about the golden globes is that it honors both television and movies, two of my favorite medias (following close behind are music and the internet). Hopefully the globes will be great, and Robin Williams will even win an award this year. January 16, 2005...Put it in your Franklin!

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