Thursday, October 14, 2004

Scrubs, Zach, and Tom...

So one of my new favorites show is "Scrubs". It airs on Tuesday nights at 8:30 pm here in the Windy City. And to say it's one of my new favorites is an overstatement simply because I've been watching it for about a year, when it use to be on Thursday nights and then it moved, so I had to begin to tape it. I try to tape it every Tuesday night and I'll watch it when I get home around 11:30...a good laugh before bed, it's great!

Tuesday's show focused on grieving, a topic I feel more competent in now than I did two years ago. JD's father passed away and his brother (the one hot Tom Cavanagh from the other fabulous TV show that was cut way too soon "Ed") show up with a cake to break the news to JD. We see how each member reacts to the news and the support that Cox gives to JD. This show I believe speaks to the members of my generation, much like M*A*S*H spoke to my father's generation.

Then Zach Braff (the star of Scrubs) makes a beautiful movie, one that also speaks for our generation and it makes me want to give him a kiss on the lips. He understands our generation, the issues we are going through, the thoughts that run through our heads. Zach Braff is a genius and I love what he is doing.

If you get a chance, and are willing to sit through witty communication and deep moments, this show is for you. My favorite episodes include the one with Rerun (the boys were planning Turk's bachelor party) and the one that included the song "99 red balloons". Watch this show, support it, if not for yourself, but for me.

By the way, you can read more about "Garden State" and other fun things from Zach here:

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