Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Of France!!!!*

*sorry Heater, I laughed so hard at this that I couldn't resist to make it a subject line...

So, I just got back from Carthage visiting a very cool girl and let me tell you, it was amazing.

You never fully realize the effect you have on people until either a) they tell you (like my friend Steve did yesterday) or 2) it comes back to teach you something. I've been living in the latter, and then tonight I experienced the former.

A year ago this young woman came to me to ask me to be her mentor. Me, of all people, I didn't feel worthy, but I knew that it would require me to put into practice what I have been learning since I've been here. I wanted to mentor someone, especially someone who was in high school because I often felt during my high school years no adult really wanted to invest time in me. So, I said yes and it changed my life forever.

She is up at college now, doing her best to remain true to who God has created her to be and at the same time figure out how to balance school (she's so freakin' smart), friends, and fun all at the same time. She's essentially figuring out her rhythm of life, and I'm so grateful that I have been a part of that experience.

I drove to her college campus, all the while reminiscing about mine (and trust me, I LOVED was some of the best years of my life) and once I got there, I saw how well adjusted she is and how she truly is simply loving on the girls and guys she is around on a daily basis. I love it. I love who she is and who she is becoming; I love that she is figuring out what she really wants to do with her life and I love the fact that she is loving school. She's the only 18 year old I know that was willing to say to herself "yes, I think therapy is a good idea".

I have so many dreams for her, about who she will become and what she will do and I feel fortunate that she wants to share that with me. She pushes me to look deeper into who I am and what I do and learn...she is amazing.

Liz, you are one great kid and I am so fortunate to not only to call you my mentoree, but also my friend.

ps-She, like me, is a nerd about her blog...check her out here:

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