Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just something fun...

I bought football tickets today. To the Colorado vs. Kansas State game. And. I. cannot. wait. I feel as giddy as I did in college when I had the chance to buy football tickets.

My parents are coming in from Kansas City to go with us to the game. In November. I'm really looking forward to it. It feels like it something I need to do in order to love me well.

In other news, we are going camping here this weekend

Yes, it is in Colorado, about 4 hours away, near Aspen. And every picture I've seen looks exactly as beautiful as this.

There will be pictures up on Sunday when I get back.

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Jeni Garlich said...


I found your blog off your comment on Traer's myspace page!

How you are?

I've included a link to my blog so we can be best-blog-friends and catch up on old times.

Hope all is well!