Sunday, July 02, 2006

deep breath in, deep breath out...

I've always loved the smell of rain. Something so distinctive about it...growing up in Kansas, you could always count on a couple of really good summer storms and the sound of the rain beating against my window was reassuring at some level. Every summer I was involved with Icthus at Colonial, we could count on having to fly home because of the horrible summer storms.

I'm sitting next to my window, listening to rain fall here in Denver. It's a little different. The intensity that could be isn't there. It's softly falling, consistent and probably in 15 minutes, it will be done.

I fell like the rain is consistent of who I am these days too...I'm a little disruptive, a little commanding, and a little out of place. I'm feeling it in every area. I went to see The Devil Wears Prada today, and it struck a cord in me. One area was my job...I've realized that my job isn't where I'm suppose to be. I love to travel, I love to visit places I've never been. Currently my job doesn't provide that opportunity. I've been blinded by own lack of desires recently...I've become complacent.

So, I'm taking little steps to remember how to love myself. I purchased this amazing photo this week and I'm willing to discover what it means to me. I will continue to choose relationships that continue to choose me, and I will continue to be like the rain. Refreshing, unexpected, ever-changing.


Ms. Warren said...

You are fabulous and loved just the way you are, soon you will see what everyone else does! Thanks again for a great weekend and letting me in to the dark places (especially because I know it was hard).

Tiffany said...

Wish I could see the pic.! Miss you a ton already and have so much to share with you!!