Monday, May 01, 2006

Because Saturday night was so random, so is this post.

Do you ever suffer from boredom? Perhaps you need a laugh? On Craigslist, you can post your missed connection, you know, you see that person from across the room and you wish you had enough courage to talk to them, but didn't so you are hoping they'll read this and want to connect with you. A majority of these people are serious, however, people like this are simply wanting to help people through their day. Browse through sometime...there is sure to be a laugh at some point.

Random topic: Saturday night.

My dear friend Vivie invited us all over for dinner and then dancing at Mynt. Dinner was wonderful, dancing was great. At some point in the evening a friend told me that the guy she was dancing with might be named was only until later in the night that this was confirmed (and by later, I mean as we were walking to the car to take him home). I talked with some random boy for about an hour (I just found out this morning that his name was Mark), multiple bottles of Grey Goose were purchased and thankfully I felt fine the next morning. Mynt always provides interesting moments. I'm hoping Kelly will want to go there if/when she comes to visit.

Otherwise, I'm returning my skis today, since I'm done skiing for the season and hopefully can get some shopping done. I've realized since I didn't think I would be in a job that would require me to dress up this long, I have no appropriate spring/summer wear. Time to get out and go, dresses, everything...hopefully good deals too!

Oh yes, my boss is out for 2 weeks...I can get some work done!!

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