Sunday, April 02, 2006

He doesn't know where Wyoming is!!

First things first, I'd like to thank this person, for allowing me to download this picture and post it on my blog. I did not take it, I did not bring my camera. All props go to her!

Guster is by far one of my favorite bands. If you look at my iTunes, you'll notice that they have multiple songs in the list and that I listen to them on a regular basis. It's good "hey, it's spring/summer music, I'm driving doing errands today and I want something to bounce around too."

I've seen them multiple times...almost dying at the first show I went to at the Taste of Chicago two summers ago (by the way, now that it's spring and it's warming up, I'm starting to miss Chicago because there is tons to do in Chicago in the summer). Another show I saw with my dear, beautiful friend Andy had the Barenaked Ladies running across the stage in their underwear.

The beautiful thing of seeing Guster in concert is that it's truly a community experience. The fans are incredible, the show itself is so much fun, and the fans are singing so loud that you can't hear the boys themselves play. Again, i was reminded about community after seeing them last night in Fort Collins.

Once I heard that Guster was coming to Colorado, I sent out an email to see if anyone wanted to join me. Jared said that he would go with me to a show. On Saturday night, we hopped into my car and drove to Ft. Collins. It was raining, and we hadn't connected in a long time. It was good conversation in the car and when we arrived in Ft. Collins, I was starving. Since no one was selling tickets yet, we decided to run to Old Chicago (a place I will forever hold dear in my heart due to Bethel...sigh) for dinner. After dinner, no one was selling their tickets yet, so I started asking anyone that walked by. It was raining and slowly I was becoming tired of asking. I was soaking wet, but wanted to see the show. I saw two people run to the side of the building and I sent J to see what was going down. Eventually, that proved fruitful because we bought tickets. Granted it was $20 more than I wanted to pay, but after the show, it was worth every penny.

We got inside and met these people from Wyoming. Drunk as all get out, but the nicest people in the world. When J was asked if he knew where Casper, WY was, and when he said no, they proceeded to say that he has no idea where Wyoming is located. We laughed, danced, heard a new guy that is totally worth buying a cd from. The show was amazing. Guster's energy was felt throughout the crowd. The dancing (even with the white-man's overbite) was incredible. And the fact they are coming back to Denver this summer makes me so excited.

I'm reminded every time I see a show how much I love concerts. I love the energy, the spiritual experience, the music, the crowd, the sense of community. And in the space I'm in right now of hardness, confusion, and swirling, I'll take all the space I can get...

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vbt said...

if you thought casper was a dark reference, try douglas... if you blink you miss the town.

glad you had fun!