Monday, August 01, 2005

So, let me tell you about the last week I had

Perhaps starting at the end and working towards the beginning is the best way to start.

Sunday, we had a book reading with Nick. Wonderful book, wonderful discussion and air conditioning (something rare in Denver). Sunday night BBQ with the neighbors, bed.

Saturday, ran errands, got a pedicure/manicure, tried to go the Rockies game, ended up at the Public House, having a 3 hour discussion about guys and girls. Received a phone call from Emily that someone had broken the back window of my car. Nothing is stolen, but still, it sucks. I'm now out $160 bucks to fix someone's else poor decision. To whomever you are, I'm glad that you decided to get your shits and giggles on my car window. Way to go a-hole.

Friday, worked, had everyone over to bbq at my place as a house warming party, went to Gov's (a place I'm growing to love) and headed home. Nothing too exciting, except playing pool with some guy who was equally as bad as I was.

Thursday, exhausted because of what happened Wednesday night. Almost died twice (once by the free ride, once by choking over lunch) Retreat meeting and ice cream with two of my new favorite people, BAC and Luke. I now love's the only place to get ice cream in Denver and I do truly believe their Jack Daniels Ice Cream could get you a DUI .

Wednesday night, went to bed with all the lights off, woke up at 1:15 am due to the fact that a light was now on. Began to hear weird noises, didn't go back to sleep at all.

Tuesday and Monday uneventful, but had I known what type of week I was going to have, it was probably a good thing that nothing happened.

So, yes, right now, I am taking off work. I've re-written my resume, I've applied to over 10 jobs this morning and I've got to get my window fixed this afternoon. Overall, I doubt this week could be any more stressful than last week, but who knows.

Otherwise, I'm doing decent. I'm sitting in Panera, getting ready to get some lunch and apply to more jobs. Nick and I had a talk about my grieving process, so I'm doing better there to. But my need for a job and a vacation is growing need for escapism is truly something that should be investigated in my life.


Anonymous said...

miss you...CALL ME!

Bri said...


sounds like a hectic week... why didn't all that business come up over IM when i was telling you of boy drama?! you really didn't spill near all of what happened. sorry your week was so insane. i hope this one is a little easier... love you and miss you lots.