Sunday, July 10, 2005

Money, money, money...

While I'm not enjoying the job I currently have to it's fullest, the beauty of it is that for the first time in 7 years, I have a steady flow of money coming in. Not just like some money for the month, but you know on a weekly basis. So, I'm beginning to dream. What do I want? How could I treat myself...Extravagantly.

Here are some of my ideas thus far:
-a new bed (I'd like to move up to at least a full, if not a queen)
-if I get a new bed, new bedding is in order, but I'm hoping my sister would make me a duvet cover, shams, and a dust ruffle
-a new laptop (I'm eyeing the Apple Powerbook, 12 inch)
-a North Face jacket
-a bike (bicycle, not a motorcycle)
-a big comfy chair
-a trip...a true vacation, to Europe, for like 10-14 days.
-a really nice digital camera

Granted, I have things I need to save for. You know, paying off student loans is very important and necessary. But right now I want to treat myself.

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