Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I love Joan Davis!

So, last night, my friend Andy invited me and 5 of his closest friends to see Ben Folds at the Riv. And to get it out of the way, the concert was amazing, Ben Folds is a new celebrity crush (and like I told Amy last night, I think my "type" is the nerdy-type guys...who really aren't nerds, but dress like it...does that make sense? Of course there is always exception to this rule. For example, Mark Sprecker. But nine times out of ten, it's the clean cut, professional, nerdy type guy).

But the adventure wasn't the concert, it was what happened prior to the concert (and by concert, I mean Ben) even starting. So, I decided to take the el into the city, one because I hate parking there and two why not enjoy the trip. So, I parked at Cumberland, transferred at Washington to the red line and was enjoying the view when a man sat down in front of me. He tried to start a conversation with the girl sitting across from him, about her bookbag, what she was in school for and when she mentioned something about a lawyer, he tells her that his uncle was Johnnie Cochran. Okay, this is where I begin to laugh...silently. Then he proceeds to tell her that if she wanted he could take her out to dinner, buy her things, etc...but she is trying to ignore the conversation and simply look over the city. By the time I got off the el at Lawrence, I was dying laughing. I went to Borders, talked to Vicki on the phone, and met up with everyone at the Green Mill. And not just any Green Mill, but the one that Al Capone use to hang out at and there is a secret tunnel there. Amy met up with us at that point and we went into the show.

Andy either wanted front row (to stand) or good balcony seats and we got the latter. So Matt, Amy and I began to talk when the guys in front of us began to smoke. This old bouncer came up to us (which by the way, his name is either Rex/Tommy/Joe/Francis) and asked us if the smoke was bothering us, because if it was, we could have them put it out. So funny. Well, somehow we began to talk about when people find out where you went to college and then begin asking you about people (granted it doesn't happen that often for me, but still I know I do it). So we made up a random person (Joan Davis) who is now the staple of that conversation for Amy, Matt and I. The other staple of our conversation was this story Matt had about googling one of his contacts for work and finding a police record on someone with a similar name who stabbed her boyfriend in the heel with a steak knife. Really? The Heel? Steak Knife? "OHHH I'm so angry at you right now, but all I can reach is this steak knife and your heel!" Whose thought process is that?

By the time the opening act got started, it was this Mealoaf looking guy with an accordion singing songs you would expect off of SNL. He mentioned something about a radio broadcaster and then something about the east and west...I really don't remember, but he made us laugh. After he was done, people were trying to find seats and while the other security people were nice, this one guy was completely rude about it. "Stop starring people...move it along...." wow, I'm guessing he doesn't have WOO.

Once Ben began and played, it was an amazing show and did so much for my soul. I met up with Mike for a drink afterwards, which is another blog in itself....But last night was a beautiful night in the city and I loved makes me want to create nights like that in Denver.

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Anonymous said...

I totally LOVE JOAN DAVIS. Not only is she a great friend, but she is a wonderful person. Thanks for mentioning her in your blog. I'll let her know that she is famous.