Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eat, Pray, STFU

I read Eat, Pray, Love when it came out. Was it the the best book I've ever read? Definitely not. Was it a good summer read? Sure, pretty quick and easy.

However, when I was finished, I was pissed.

I wasn't pissed at the book. Nothing in it could have made me angry. What I was angry about had everything to do with the fact that I wasn't living this type of life. I wanted to take a year off (and somehow still be able to financially pay for life) and recapture my essence. I wanted to take off to France, not Italy and fall in love with delicious foods. I wanted to go to Kenya to reconnect with my soul. I wanted to go some place exotic and feel the sand beneath my feet and fall madly in love.

Why the hell couldn't I too have this type of life?

And now that the movie is coming out, I'm feeling that angst again. I know I should be so dramatic. That I lead a life that someone is jealous of (ha).

Let me know, how to do you create a continual sense of understanding about yourself, if you aren't able to travel to exotic lands...I'd love any advice I can get.

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