Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Why I love the Internet

And really, what I love is Facebook. Sure, it has it's problems. Sometimes people post way to much information, sometimes people are over-dramatic (myself included), sometimes people use it to be passive-aggressive. However, Facebook is, for me at least, a place to catch up, to hear what is going on with friends, and to laugh at pictures. But the best thing is the ability to catch up with old friends.

Jeni and I actually went to middle school together and were friends in high school. We went to the same church, had the same crushes, and had a similar group of friends. But we lost touch in college (not surprising because I suck at keeping in touch with people). And thanks to Facebook and for being in similar dating places, we've reconnected with a vengeance. We chat daily about our boy situations, about what we SHOULD be doing and how we SHOULD be acting in our late 20's.

Don't get me wrong, my girlfriends here and around the country are fabulous on their advice, but there is something about Jeni's advice. She's been really helpful, and most importantly, not judgemental as I make decisions about my love life. She recently posted this blog about not wanting to be second string, or the back-up, in a guy's life. The girl who is good enough if everything else doesn't work out. And what was so refreshing about this blog in particular is that it's something I've cried out before. I get it, and to me, that's why I love reconnecting with Jeni. It feels like we are on the same path, just many, many miles away.

So, say what you will about the Internet and Facebook, but I love it and am appreciative for reconnecting me to a friend that I lost along the way...

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Jeni said...

Aww! You were totally the inspiration for the post on my blog called I <3 the Internet! :) I agree!!