Tuesday, March 11, 2008

100 things to do before my time is up

Twenty-six through fifty:

26. Go to the Golden Globes
27. Adopt a child from Kenya
28. Dance in the rain
29. Stand on the pyramids
30. Run with the bulls
31. Learn how to surf
32. Live without TV for a month
33. Live without Internet for 3 months
34. Discover the next big band
35. Write an article for "The Onion"
36. Contribute to a charity that I believe will change the world
37. Meet Zach Braff
38. Live in Hawaii
39. See a Broadway premier
40. Spend NYE in New York City
41. Attend a black tie affair
42. Own a house that requires a front porch swing
43. Fly first class to an exotic location
44. Find a job that makes me happy
45. Learn how to drive a manual transmission
46. Cliff dive
47. Have lunch with Bono
48. Learn American Sign Language
49. Contribute an article to "Real Simple"
50. Have Stacy and Clinton be honest with me about my wardrobe

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