Wednesday, January 16, 2008


God is with us.  This is what Emmanuel means, however, Emmanuel also means a beautiful father who cares for his children deeply and who loves people fully.

Emmanuel is Julius' brother, who lives in Kenya with his three children.  We were fortunate to spend quality time with him this summer and I love him...he's amazing.

We recently got this email from Julius regarding his brother:  He has been robbed by policemen who beat him with those big sticks they carry for no apparent reason at all.  He has been robbed at gun point but all in all he will live to see another day.  Right now, I [Julius] am unable to keep in touch with him over the phone because that too was stolen...This is the scary news yet we still pray for peace and common sense to return to Kenya.  He will be okay.  Pray earnestly for peace and calm to return to Kenya.  I am trying to pretend that he is okay...

I'm so angry, so frustrated, so disturbed by this.  I know that there is nothing I can do from all the way over here, but I feel helpless now.  Please continue to pray, please continue to ask questions...I can't see a piece of my heart, my home, my family continue to be ripped apart like this...

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