Monday, July 12, 2004

Grieving...It never stops

So, over the past two years, I have learned more about how to grieve and how our society doesn't know how to do it. Trust me, I'm still learning how to do it properly. But I'm sitting here in class (that's right I'm at Bethel) and I'm running through a list of things that I am grieving through. It's so hard and yes, some of them are superficial, but I'm grieving through:
1. LeRon Shults, an old theology professor I had...He's fantastic
2. That part of my inner circle isn't's so tough without them
3. That Boulevard Beer isn't sold in Chicago, but is in St. Paul
4. That "I love the 90's" is starting on VH1 and I'm in class

Don't laugh, but they are true...learning how to give up lesser dreams in order to receive better, more fulfilling dreams is never easy but it's worth it...I'll let you know how things are going soon.

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